Issue #5

Perhaps the most common question we’ve gotten in roughly 15 years in the industry is “How long should my cartridge” last? In the simplest terms comes down to two key points:

  1. Your specific brand and cartridge series
  2. How much printing your doing?

New or refurbished cartridges have specific amounts of ink based on the cartridge size and design. Though not clearly stated on the packaging virtually all cartridges have a specifically tested rating for number of pages they can print. Comparing listings of brand and cartridge series page yields will help you understand the correlation between cost and page yield. Ironically cartridges that cost more overall in many cases cost less on a cost per page basis because they have more ink or toner. 

The other key point comes down to your specifc usage of the product. Much like the condiments we buy for our foods, how much you use will result in slower or quicker consumption. Yes perhaps the better question is not how long it will last, but how you use it. For someone that prefers lots of sauce on my food or chugging my drinks particularly after a good workout, I find myself immediately asking “where did all that go” and wow that didn’t last long, what did I just pay”. Either way it was well worth it. Guss I’ll have to buy a multipack to savor more than one.

On last little tidbit to share is the magicians’s trick. Meaning just like your box of cereal where the box is fairly bigger than the bag or how many chips come in bag, cartridges are the same way. Many brands will often the same series of cartridge at multiple price points often carrying various amounts of ink. Meaning if you don’t choose right you could end up with more or less than you need.