About Us

15 years ago, a fortune 500 company manager working from local plant rep to national service manager and his family joined a growing franchise Rapid Refill Ink. Started in Eugene, Oregon the company revolutionized print cartridge refilling with a few key premises:

  1. Help the community save money
  2. Offer affordable, high quality, abundant, and practical products and services
  3. Bring prosperity to a staff of local residents
  4. Run a successful operation
  5. Help save the planet
  6. Lead by example

We chose this business because of the unique opportunity, eco-friendly premise, and values of saving money and time for our clients.Our store like all in the franchise used recycled carpet, tile, slat wall, sunflower seed countertops, and had a mural to represent all the endangered animal species in the world at that time (see the pictures)! Our location here in Kingwood, Texas 20 minutes northeast of Houston carried those key pillars to even greater heights.

Although the franchise continued to operate with new investors out of Minneapolis with over 150 stores, our location branched off in a new direction. We test piloted print and design services and are continually looking at complimentary items along with our core product line of print cartridges.

As longtime residents of the community we’ve partnered with many charitable groups and partcipated in many events such as Spin Art for the Kingwood 4th of July celebration, bike building for charity, and recycling events with Keep Kingwood Green. We have also been involved with the Lake Houston Area Chamber and the East Montgomery Area Chamber to shape and support the community businesses around here.


We owe much gratitude to our customers, staff, and affiliates, through the years who have shown tremendous amounts of support. Sadly in 2017 after Hurricane Harvey the cost of reopening our store was too great and we were unable to retain our staff.

Rest assured though even during the COVID-19 crisis we are continuing to serve our customers and are not done yet! As a family owned business, we continue to serve the community we have been a part of for over 30+ years, and can help customers nationwide due to the support from our community we appreciate.