Issue #4

Particularly in a fast paced world but even during slower periods impulse buys are attractive to get what you want at a fair or low cost. But printer manufacturer’s like all companies use a model some have nicknamed the “Gillette model”. Give away the razor and charge you for the blades. If you need it you need it, but commonly people ask us what are the best printers to buy?

To answer that the biggest question to consider is not how much the printer costs, but rather how you intend to use it? If you’re doing minimal printing than a low cost printer is fine just be prepared to shell out more for the cartridge costs. However, if your printing more than spending more may be tough but leaves you with a more reliable option and typically cartridges with more ink at a cheaper operating cost.

Of course, either way we can help you save on the cost with affordable, high quality ink and toner cartridges. For specific printer recommendations please contact us to get our Printer Purchase Checklist. This simple list will help you narrow down the printer that’s just right for all your needs. Goldilocks would be impressed!