Issue # 1

Some people say change isn't easy but it does have benefits. We are slowly updating our site to stay simple, yet provide you with more content and features to make shopping for print solutions satisfactory! Are we late to the game? Sure, though our goal is to provide you with content that helps such as:


  1. News Updates on our company, print solutions, and local news.
  2. Articles to help you print smarter!
  3. Provide reasons to print or "Printspiration" purposes and perks of printing.

While we are looking at adding audio and video clips as well to complement this blog, for now we will stick to humor by saying we hope this isn't as bad as the Office's website (check it out on Netflix if your not familiar). Hope this makes you laugh!

last time checked dunder mifflin already has a website under 9376273

Issue # 2
Brought to you by How Life Unfolds, Paper & Packaging.

Though many people commonly ask why print in today's world there's actually many reasons to print, particularly with cartridges from LocalPrintSolution! Wether for work or personal, ink or toner, new or refurbished we have the supplies to keep you printing with "Printspiration". Here's a few reasons brought to you buy the website found below "How Life Unfolds" with 10 ways Printing = Performance.

10 ways print improves performance

For more print projects and info please visit How Life Unfolds

 As we continue to update our site you will find more links, blogs, and possibly pages on further printing perks. For instance, some people like the feel and sight of paper (particularly vintage books) for reading. But many people prefer paper for sensitive, informational, and organizational purposes to reference key things and help plan things out. Let's not forget that the imagery on our devices, in hard copy photo albums and frames, and even in printed documents and presentations is easier to process information from, can help remind us of joyous memories, and values near and dear to our hearts.

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